Once you have installed an amazing porch or deck, either in the front or back of your house, you are left with a space that needs more decorations, furniture and creativity. This is a space for you to combine that tasteful luxury of indoor aesthetic, mixed with nature’s outdoor experience. Here are our top tips for decorating your porches in Toronto area .

Sumptuous Seating

A great starting point for lounging around on the porch is to find a comfortable and beautifully crafted seating plan. Creating a central or main bench for your family to sit on is a must. Adding in one or two single seats after that is an additional option. There are a multitude of styles and types of benches to choose from, as well as colour schemes. Selecting a type of wood that does not clash with your porch colouring is the first step. Deciding on custom pieces, such as benches hanging from the ceiling, will add a special atmosphere to your seating plan.

Decor Do’s

Adding in pot plants, hanging plants and wall creepers, will add that natural forestry feel to your special place. Bringing in more natural pieces will enhance your themes and bring life to your space. A simple or abstract patterned outdoor rug will also add a cozy element, while choosing green pillows can enhance that outdoor feel in your relaxation station.

Light It Up

Adding festive lighting fixtures will tie everything together, such as paper lanterns or string lights. Alternatively, if you prefer something more traditional, a mounted wall light can be exactly what you need. If there is space for a small side table or even a dining table, place an assortment of candles on them to add romantic flickering light, filling the air with an aroma you love and repelling unwanted bugs.

In the end, no matter what styles, themes, colours and decorations you choose to add to your porch, we know it will be great! Contact the professionals at Quality Restorations, to help you create a safe space for your family and friends to spend quality time. We design, build and install durable pressure-treated or composite decks and porches in the Toronto area. Get in touch for more information or a free estimate.