With Backyard Deck Ideas the Possibilities Are Endless

An outdoor deck can transform the style of your home for the better and add some more living space. The simple, boxy deck design is now out of style, and most people want to create a modern outdoor space to relax or enjoy family time.

If you enjoy open-air environments, but like staying at home, an outdoor deck is a perfect solution. A deck also adds value to your property, which makes it an excellent future investment. Here are some of the top modern deck designs that will help you narrow your search.

1- The Wraparound Deck

The Wraparound deck wraps around two or three sides of the house. Instead of just one deck area on one side. This design allows you to use your deck for more than one activity at the same time. You can listen to music on one side of the house, while someone else can use the other deck for relaxing. Wraparound decks have mainly three types of layouts: one level, multi-level deck and a second-story deck layout.

2- The Elevated Deck 

You can connect an elevated deck to the second story of your house with a simple design. You need a single-level deck supported by 4×4 or 6×5 posts. This style is perfect for those who want to take advantage of a view at their home that they cant access without some elevated design.

3- The Multi Level Deck

Those who have a sloping backyard can create beauty platforms of different shapes and in various areas. Instead of simply opting for a multilevel or uni-level deck, You can instead, for exAMPle, Create one flat deck surface and connect it to a second deck area on the second floor with stairs. By adding a railing and unique lighting, you can create a space that looks spacious and luxurious. This style is perfect for those who want to make use of a variety of deck zones for different activities.

4- The Pergola Roof Deck 

A pergola is a roof structure where wood pallets are placed to leave space open for air. It is the perfect solution for those whose yard lacks adequate shade as it protects against harsh sunlight while still allowing some light to get through. Adding a roof structure creates the atmosphere of a room, which makes the space much more comfortable.

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