Home Additions in Toronto

A homeowner loves a house for many reasons. The home is a safe place for the family or an individual, but it’s usually much more. The neighborhood, community and the school becomes a part of what a family considers home as well. Moving isn’t an option for some homeowners, yet there might still be a need for more space.

2 storey back1 225x300 - Home AdditionsThis is when an home addition makes sense, your needs can take many forms, from a small space, a new room, or enlarging the home by several rooms which calls for a specific level of expertize. You can also have a a main floor addition, where you add to the back or the front of your house. For even more room you can also have a second or third floor addition added to your home.

When thinking of adding a addition to your home, you as a homeowner will have many considerations. The addition should match the rest of the home as much as possible. Home Additions can add to the value of homes or they can subtract from them. In looking at a house as an investment getting an additional room or even a top floor is a good way to interest future buyers, but only if it enhances the appearance of the home.

The homeowner will need to check on local guidelines for building an addition. Typically these type of guidelines will only cover the space an addition can take up giving an amount of property, as well as laws regarding electrical and plumbing installations. The next consideration could be the homeowner association guidelines. Not adhering to guidelines set by a neighborhood homeowner associations can have serious consequences for the homeowner.

With the conditions for all guidelines in mind the homeowner can then have plans drawn up for the addition. Everything from the space required, to how the addition will affect the look of the home are easily viewed once the plans are drawn up.

Visiting an expert with experience in the type of home addition in Toronto is the required next step.

Restoration and renovation specialists such as Quality Restorations & Renovations can help a homeowner look over plans and see the details necessary to match the current appearance of the home. It’s possible to look at plans and additions other families have made, and see the finished results for inspiration.

Taking a look at what others have accomplished in creating the home of their dreams will inspire the architect and designer lurking in any homeowner. The additional room a family needs to have a more comfortable home, can be a reality very easily, and quickly. The key is to find the facts, and an expert to supply the necessary “know-how”.

Give us a call when you are considering a home addition and lets get started!

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