Multi-generational living is on the rise in Canada’s most sought-after real estate markets. Due to increased household demands and a low housing inventory, homeowners have difficulty finding suitable properties for their combined families.

As a result, home additions are becoming increasingly popular in Toronto. Increasingly, families are integrating their resources and making the most of their existing homes to accommodate new and specific needs.

Tips For Making Your Home Multi-Generational

A multigenerational home provides benefits for all concerned and is wonderful for family dynamics, when designed well. Space is the key to making your home suitable for everyone.

  • Create More Space

The project will require the services of a professional builder, an architect, and sometimes an engineer. It is necessary to contact your town’s and neighbourhood’s associations, and develop plans to comply with building, electrical, and plumbing codes. Your home can be extended up or out, depending on the size of your land.

A clever renovation can also be undertaken by converting your garage.

  • Consider Evolving Needs

You should consider how your family’s needs may change over time, as individuals and as a group. Think about how you will distribute the blueprint to include communal areas, such as sitting rooms, gaming and TV spaces, study and reading spots, and amenities such as a gym or yoga area.

It is also important to have space for working from home, especially if you have parents who still work.

  • Accommodate For Self-Sufficiency

It is essential to maintain a certain level of self-sufficiency to maintain quality of life, particularly for the older generation. A dedicated small laundry area, kitchenette, or washroom can be a wise choice, if space allows. If space doesn’t permit additional amenities, then make sure your kitchen or pantry has enough cupboard space to accommodate everyone.

In the kitchen, a small mobile island or an additional sink will be useful. Provide sturdy wall handles and a shower in the shared bathroom in order to accommodate the elderly.

Aging In Place: How To Prepare Your Home

Perhaps you do not have a family at all, or you are not interested in sharing with family. Not only will this strategy keep your options open for retirement, but it will also earn you income as you age:

  • Secondary suites are self-contained units within existing homes. With its own kitchen, sleeping and living area, your secondary suite can be achieved with a simple partition to separate it from the main part of your house.

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