Your front porch sets the tone for your home. After all, it is the first thing your visitors will see, making it the perfect place to showcase your design aesthetic. Renovating or creating an inspired front porch need not be a stressful project, especially with Quality Restorations helping out with some inspiration for exceptional porches in Toronto.

Enclose It

If you have limited hallway space, enclosing your front porch can provide you with a great space for your muddy boots and wet coats. Acting almost like a small extension, an enclosed porch can be the ideal place to receive guests or enter your home without tracking in the elements. You can really incorporate your own style with an enclosed porch, like a wood design for your country-style home, or an attractive blend of glass, metal and brick to modernize your home.

A Modern Overhang

A simple overhang can be a striking addition to your porch. An overhang without additional supporting walls can be visually stunning and customized to your preferred aesthetic. Add plants for a gorgeous green canopy, or consider a metal or concrete finish for a modern look.

Make a Statement

Bringing in unusual or avant-garde structural elements can transform your porch from a simple entryway to a jaw-dropping statement piece for your home. Let your imagination run wild and do away with conventional rules and structures. Even more striking is a statement addition to an otherwise traditional home. A statement porch is a perfect way to express your style and personality.

Incorporate Lights

Lighting can make all the difference to your porch design. Lights don’t just have to be functional. You can use them as a decor element or make them the feature piece of your porch design.

Are you ready to take your porch to the next level and set the tone for your home? Quality Restorations are experts in renovations, including porches in Toronto. Throughout the process, our staff will guide you from estimate to completion. We will give each project our full attention, and we are competitively priced. To get started on your project, get in touch by calling us on (416) 423-3465 or fill in our convenient contact form.