Renovations, restorations and new builds are a significant source of stress for many Toronto property owners, homeowners and developers. The admin can be a nightmare, dealing with several different contractors and suppliers can be confusing, and the project may just become overly daunting with unforeseen obstacles and delays.

The answer to this: design build, Toronto. The perfect solution to all of the latter. A solution which takes the stress out of home renovation and restorations projects – whether residential or commercial.

What Is Design Build?

Design build is a popular method of project delivery used in the construction and property industry. The project is delivered by one entity, known as the design-build team, and the entire project is done under one contract. This method involves a streamlined and unified workflow, with one point of contact with the client.

Benefits Of Design Build

The reason that design builds are often the superior option is because of the many benefits that they offer to those setting out on the fun, but financially fuelled, journey of property builds, restorations and renovations. Stress will be greatly alleviated as the property owner or developer will only need to communicate with one entity – one project manager who deals with all the other contractors and suppliers. Peace of mind is ensured as everything is being taken care of. You’ll also benefit from lower project costs, as you’ll no longer be paying high costs from different suppliers and builders; and your project will also experience a faster turnaround speed and a cohesive project outcome.

With a design build, a full-service is guaranteed under the operation and management of a general contractor. Full service including a skilled, experience workforce; a whole host of specialists and a complete network of suppliers. A one-stop-shop which also takes care of the condition reports, budgets and pricing, estimates, delivery of assignments and sees the project from start to a beautiful, fast finish. After all, an integrated team is far more beneficial when it comes to cost control, performance and delivery.

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