The parishioners love it 6154020bc72e860f26dc0db6b6b66e8c - Concrete Gallery

Church Sidewalk - The Parishioners Love It!

Patterned Concrete tinted gray 1bd662601f29b5e0c860640232570e49 - Concrete Gallery

Patterned Concrete Tinted Gray

New patterned concrete 1e5a82a712cfb5340c5e7ab76282617c - Concrete Gallery

New Patterned Concrete

New patterned concrete pathway and stone steps 8a93c7d6091cf758ff60e52f53892ac0 - Concrete Gallery

New Patterned Concrete Pathway And Stone Steps

New entrance with brushed concrete  1700e9858333dd7d60f86f2da4eae66d - Concrete Gallery

New Entrance With Brushed Concrete

New Driveway 95a65df36fbed205e5a26f4747edb1d8 - Concrete Gallery

New Driveway

New drain in front of garage e6886757c63b5b2e4d22d922334df9d0 - Concrete Gallery

New Drain In Front Of Garage

New concrete pathway on Broadview 1fd550a5910bc6316d899719b1d53af7 - Concrete Gallery

New Concrete Pathway On Broadview

New concret porch e057ee6d4470e501f1520caa1a4fd6c4 - Concrete Gallery

New Concret Porch

New asphalt driveway and concrete in East Y c3f5c9529532c1a527411d8f109739c5 - Concrete Gallery

New Asphalt Driveway And Concrete In East Y

IMG 2125 medium c2cc954c753ce88c37995f38bdea0bea - Concrete Gallery

New Back Stair Case For Condo In The Beach

IMG 2124 medium 28bcf764da03ba870ad5af04c193ad13 - Concrete Gallery

New Stair Case For Condo In The Beach

IMG 1898 medium 1b990c40459c4e27684fb1e0788c656d - Concrete Gallery

The Front Landing Was Done As Well

IMG 1896 medium c9e3195661ce7bd88d64d4bc40e71c30 - Concrete Gallery

Lines Are Straight And Drainage Is Good

IMG 1895 medium 5dbb2f31155ffc0c5213abc955bf19a9 - Concrete Gallery

Concrete Is Poured, Expansion Joints Cut And Brushed

IMG 1894 medium 1f6d2c7e4264f377fc9bd6d58ec05630 - Concrete Gallery

Rebar Is Set And Ready For The Pour

IMG 1870 medium d580e554d698797e670529c388b8ca9f - Concrete Gallery

Excavation Of Walkway At Fairlawn United Church Is Completed

IMG 1400 medium 3dd5d1110611c6ed6d72b43cbfeecc14 - Concrete Gallery

The Pattern And Colour Ties In With The Surrounds

IMG 1399 medium 31e05f5dea7563f82e2e9c67db245c5b - Concrete Gallery

New Patterned Concrete At Broadview Condo

IMG 0456 medium be976e308019bd1939696c2d4ee443e7 - Concrete Gallery

New Patterned Concrete In North York

Greater curb appeal 6ab8a97e54505a1bc5e9fb84b291756c - Concrete Gallery

Greater Curb Appeal

DSCF0895 medium 4614c226214f182cb6f71958822234d7 - Concrete Gallery

The Steps Are Now Safe For All The Parishioners

DSCF0894 medium 31b18dccdad277b3516d1b02cae0ce61 - Concrete Gallery

Repaired Retaining Wall Like New!

DSCF0893 medium 95f66f659b394b8a569dfa4aafe7febf - Concrete Gallery

New Concrete Pathway And Stone Wall Was Repaired

DSCF0892 medium a852434a9d68c7c4e204d481ab2e7785 - Concrete Gallery

Stone Retaining Walls Also Tuck Pointed

DSCF0890 medium 48d18595529046f064f5c8e96106676b - Concrete Gallery

Non Slip Surface Makes All The Difference

DSCF0889 medium 893be2b953801adf1538d26e4d6c8d90 - Concrete Gallery

New Concrete Stairs At Holy Cross Church On Cosburn

Colour and pattern individually designed 8663a09cb272fae882324879da1ae22d - Concrete Gallery

Colour And Pattern Individually Designed

Beautiful new driveway and interlock on Deloraine 3be3d103cab06a48121c22e7fa7aeba1 - Concrete Gallery

Beautiful New Driveway And Interlock On Deloraine

All new asphalt driveway 2be756c409d5f6017fc131b050f6b183 - Concrete Gallery

All New Asphalt Driveway

After handrails were installed e89ee06e8159557e2bd71271b85cfad2 - Concrete Gallery

After Handrails Were Installed