When a large or famous commercial building is involved in a restoration or renovation process, things can often get a bit messy and displaced. This can cause a significant disruption in the everyday comings and goings of those using the commercial building.

Not only do pedestrians or building employees suffer, but the actual restoration process can suffer too if the correct building processes are not carried out and if there isn’t an exact schedule and sequence to the renovation process.

In other words, an ill-planned commercial restoration project can cost you time and money that you simply do not have to spare. This is, in essence, the reason the design-build process was created and why there are companies that offer up these services for hire.

What Do Design-Build Services Consist Of?

Design-build services can be defined as the implementation of the design-build process, to construction projects. This method of the building process is applied to any construction project that demands quality, efficiency and aesthetic priority.

The design-build process consists of 6 stages that are to be followed to avoid any project delays or disruption to the operation of the building. These six stages are better defined as the six steps that complete any construction project correctly.

They are as follows:

  1. Plan – The Initial client/constructor meeting.
  2. Design – Design drawings, followed by approval thereof.
  3. Propose – Scope of work, and estimated project cost determined, submission of the bid.
  4. Approval – Project schedule and resource selection finalized and notice to proceed are given.
  5. Review – Review of project planning and team collaboration is carried out. The ‘pre-construction’ phase begins.
  6. Completion Of The Design-Build Process – Teams, are mobilized to complete all phases of the project. The construction phase can now begin.

This process seems simple enough, but unfortunately, many overlook the importance of each individual step in the process and the benefit that comes with following this process. This process is designed to ensure complete efficiency and quality of work during both minor and major construction projects.

Design-Build Services offer many advantages to clients and contractors alike that include time efficiency, cost efficiency and quality of work guaranteed every time.

Built for construction workers, the design-build process has proven its benefits in all aspects of the construction industry and even more so, the restoration and renovation of commercial properties.

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