This year has brought forward many simplistic trends and calming colours as most people have focused on creating stress-free spaces without clutter. Here are some of the most popular trends for bathrooms in Toronto inspired by nature, the ocean and minimalist aesthetics.

Trends Inspired By Nature And Calm Colours Are Taking Over

  • Jungle Bathrooms Are Taking Over

Jungle bathrooms can be identified by calming natural colours, open spaces and, of course, plants. Not only are jungle bathrooms pleasing to look at, but there are also many benefits to having live plants in your bathroom. For example, many succulents absorb the moisture in the air, which helps with mould, while some, like the asparagus fern, work excellent as an air purifier.

For restoration purposes, you could convert one wall into a lush green colour or forest-inspired print. It is best to use natural material for the ceramics, a stone type material sink and a freestanding bath. Any neutral whites and greens work well as jungle colours.

  • Matte White or Black Fittings 

This trend is preferred by those who like minimalistic designs. Many people recently are getting matte white fitting in their bathroom, which creates a contemporary look. Matte black also creates a minimalistic look, especially when paired with the correct lighting. While white works well for a soft, fresh atmosphere, black is perfect for a warm, cozy feeling.

To integrate the trend, it is best to choose a simple-looking bathroom vanity. Combining alternative bathroom fittings with simple-looking tiling is best to ensure that the fittings attract the most attention. For this style, an open or large glass shower works best.

  • Nude Colours Are The Way To Go

This year, there has been an increased interest in nude colours above bright, colourful schemes. Inspired by the sky and ocean, these colours create a calming environment that most people desire during these stressful, turbulent times.

Nude colours are easy to incorporate into your decor as you need to paint the walls. It Is important to add different bathroom materials with these colours, such as matching ceramics or even a sink placed on a wooden base. Wood is an excellent way to incorporate nude into your bathroom.

  • Open Showers and Bath-In-Shower Trends

Open-concept Italian showers have taken the lead on shower trends. The great thing about these showers is that they can be straightforward and minimalist or multi-functional and fully equipped. Some come with an integrated bench, ambient lighting, a misting system, an anti-fog mirror and a linear drain.

Many people also prefer to have their bath inside the shower area. A glass wall works well as a way to separate it from the bathroom. For a loft-like look, you can separate walls with black frames.

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