Homeowners, are you ready to renovate and restore your basements in Toronto? With so many creative design ideas at your disposal, a modern-day basement can be just about anything you wish! Keep reading to discover top restoration ideas and trusted renovating advice.

Dream Renovation Ideas

  • A Home Gym

A home gym is perfect for all you fitness fanatics out there! Privacy, the freedom of being able to work out at times most convenient for you, reduced travelling time as well as long-term costs are just a few of the benefits home gym owners get to enjoy! One major advantage of installing your gym in the basement is that most of the noise is muffled due to the space being underground. 

  • Rent Out Your Basement

If you’re interested in making a little extra passive income and have a large enough space, turn your basement into a mini apartment. This can then be rented out on accommodation letting services such as Airbnb. This home addition dramatically increases the value of your property and is a great way of bringing in additional finance. 

  • Additional Room

A basement is a great place for an additional bedroom or even a family lounge. Having this extra space will, again, drive up the value of your home. An additional bedroom is great when hosting extended family or friends, whilst an additional lounge is great for enhancing your comfort of living. 

  • Entertainment Area

If you’re a fan of entertaining, why not consider remodelling your basement to function as a home bar, games or entertainment room! Opting for a bar installation gives you the luxury of having an additional adult entertainment area. Entertainment areas help bring families and friends together by fostering an atmosphere of bonding through fun, games, or theatre.

  • Laundry Room

Looking for a convenient space to position your laundry room? The basement works perfectly! Positioning your laundry room in this space means that you can utilize the upstairs space for a more efficient purpose.

5 Top Tips To Bear In Mind When Renovating Your Space

  • Get in touch with a professional
  • Do your research on building laws and potential limitations
  • Estimate your costs beforehand
  • Stay true to your style
  • Plan the layout efficiently to get the best use out of a space

All of the above are areas that our team would love to offer assistance in. Give us a call if you’re looking for a friendly and professional team who will help deliver your dream Toronto basement! We’ll help you maximize your home improvement plans to ensure that you get the best out of your newly renovated space.