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Does running a practice seem harder than ever at this time?  The good news is that it can be made easier with some plug and play management tools.  Easy to implement back at the practice right away.

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, November 6, 2020, 6 – 8pm EST

Saturday, November 14, 2020, 11 – 1pm EST

Virtual Group Coaching Session

Cost:  FREE
2 CE credits

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“Our income went up $300,000 and the bank went away. So, I was able to keep my building, my practice and everything, and get back on my feet and actually become profitable. And I thank AMI for that!”

— Dr. Rosanna Porretta

About this Coaching Session:

Objective: To teach you as a practice owner how to implement easy-to-use management strategies to simplify the profitable running of the practice while allowing you to focus more on the delivery side.

With all the changes in protocols and scheduling, as well as the need for more marketing strategies and so on, streamlined management systems are needed to increase the efficiency and production levels of your practice in order to get ahead. Not only that, preparing your practice for future eventualities is necessary so you never get caught flat-footed again – financially and otherwise.

If you want your practice to recover and keep growing in this new business environment, you need effective, inexpensive ways to improve every aspect of the practice.

In this coaching session, you will learn:

  • What marketing methods are
    you missing in your marketing plan
  • How to find the best staff for your practice.
  • How to get your patients/clients to go ahead with ideal care.
  • How to streamline the internal functions for better efficiency.
  • How to properly use your stats plan the future and achieve your expansion goals.
  • The hidden “thing” that slows you and your team down every day.

Bonus Tips at the end:

• How to reduce your stress.
• How to avoid burnout.

This coaching session is given 100% free of charge, and you are not obligated to purchase anything upon attending.


Janice Wheeler is the President of The Art Of Management Inc. and she and her team have coached and expanded more than 1,800 practices over the last 31 years.

She is an international speaker with hundreds of seminars under her belt, has written over 500 management articles (www.amican.com).

She regularly contributes to various Canadian healthcare journals, wrote a book “Practical Advice for Practice Owners”, and has an awesome team who love helping healthcare professionals reach their practice goals.


“It definitely helped me, and my staff run more smoothly and actually decreased our stress dramatically. And as a result of that, the business went even further up.”

— Nada Bajic, DD

“We were flying by the seat of our pants. Now it’s more manageable and I can predict what’s going to happen. For things to get better, YOU need to get better. And that’s the bottom line!”

— Dr. Paul Charlton, D.C.

This coaching session is part of The Art of Managements ongoing efforts to help practitioners recover and excel after Covid-19.


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