Peripheral Neuropathy

What is Neuropathy?
The nerves are responsible for carrying messages to and from the spinal cord and the brain to the rest of the body, including the skin, muscles and internal organs. When those nerves become diseased or damaged, it is called peripheral neuropathy. Damage to the nerves makes it difficult for your brain and spinal cord to communicate with other parts of the body, which can interrupt the normal sensations in the legs and arms, impair the movement of muscles and lead to discomfort and pain. It is common for the symptoms of neuropathy to be mirrored in both limbs. There are many different kinds of neuropathies, like mononeuropathy and polyneuropathy, and each type can stem from a variety of causes.

What Causes Neuropathy?

There isn’t just one thing that can cause neuropathy, and there many factors that can lead to its development, including:
Autoimmune Diseases (including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus)
Bone Marrow Disorders (including lymphoma and monoclonal gammopathies)
Exposure to Toxins (including chemicals and heavy metals)
Some Medications (including those used to treat cancer)
Certain Bacterial and Viral Infections (including Lyme disease, Hepatitis C & HIV)
Some Genetic Disorders
Pressure or Trauma That Affects the Nerves
Tumors (when they put pressure on the nerves)
Vitamin Deficiencies (including B Vitamins, Niacin and Vitamin E)
Other Diseases (including liver disease, kidney disease and hypothyroidism)

Is chiropractic care a viable neuropathy treatment option for you?
Neuropathy can be difficult to treat, especially if it is caused by a disease. However, in most cases, neuropathy is caused by nerves that are trapped or compressed and vitamin deficiencies. For these cases, regular chiropractic care accompanied by diet improvements can yield significant improvements. In fact, neuropathy in the legs and arms is one of the most common things that chiropractors in the United States treat.

We offer Laser Treatment for Neuropathy
Numerous clinical studies and research trials have been conducted on the beneficial effects of laser therapy for a whole host of clinical conditions. One of the big ones that we use this laser for is neuropathy pain.

Patients rave about the immediate results they feel after just the first treatment.

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